SEPPIC is a subsidiary of the Air Liquide group in the Healthcare business.

SEPPIC designs and markets specialty ingredients for health and beauty. Present in 100 countries through its subsidiaries and its network of distributors, SEPPIC employs 700 people worldwide, including 100 employees dedicated to innovation.
Prized for its proximity and reliability, SEPPIC inspires its customers worldwide with a unique combination of scientific expertise in the fields of chemistry, formulation and objectivation. This covers polymers, surfactants and emulsion technologies, biology, immunology, transformation of natural products. As a subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare, SEPPIC contributes to the continuum of care by advancing prevention and well-being through sustainable innovation.

Innovation Ecosystem is organized around a unique platform to promote creativity and design specialties ingredients for all markets : health, beauty care and performance materials:

Open & Sourcing Innovation : SEP’INNOVE
The goal of SEP’INNOVE program is to search or to develop new ingredients or intermediate raw materials, new methods for performance or biological efficacy evaluation-characterization, new or optimized technologies in order to accelerate innovation and investigate new domains.

3 core Innovation and Development Teams designing:
·         Actives
·         Excipients
·         Formulation technologies
Synergies inside and between the teams are promoted by the association of invention and performance evaluation according to the final applications.
Prospective, development and scale-up are coupled in the teams to reinforce the connexions & boost efficiency.

4 Integrated Transverse Competenties:
Completed by tight connexions with key transverse expertises outside innovation such as Regulatory, Marketing & Customer relationship,



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